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What is the purpose of the Food Nutrients website?

The Food Nutrients helps you
The nutritional values of foods are not displayed for the uniform 100g weight, but for a standard portion of each food. The size of the portion is indicated.

These nutritional values are compared to your daily nutritional needs. To estimate your nutritional needs, you have to enter personal data, such as your age or your weight.

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Is it possible to avoid visits to physicians just by consulting Food Nutrients

Of course not! Attention Browsing Food Nutrients is not supposed to help you replace visits to doctors or nutritionists.

Food Nutrients is aimed at people rather in good shape. It helps them learn about foods according to their nutritional needs. For instance, in order to select the right foods to get more Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin C or Proteins; or less Saturated Fats or Salt.

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I read on Food Nutrients inconsistent data; for instance sometimes the sum of all fats does not match the total lipids.

Food Nutrients get their data from Data Sources.

For a given food, the nutritional value for each nutrient may have been measured separately from other nutrients measures, with different scientific protocols, by different labs, and with slightly different foods.

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I read on Food Nutrients nutritional data which differ from figures I know.

As stated before, Food Nutrients get their data from Data Sources.

The foods the labs made measures on may be different, and measure methods may be different too.

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Is the Food Nutrients Calculator all I need for nutritional matters?

Food Nutrients does not include all aspects of nutrition.

For instance, Iron is better assimilated by the human body when taken at the same time as Vitamin C, and Proteins from vegetables sources must be combined in order to get fully assimilated.

Food Nutrients can neither take into account all these aspects nor associate meaningful computations to them. You must take into account all these aspects by yourself.

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Generally speaking, can one trust nutritional data?

Reading the other answers in this site, you may have noticed that nutrition is rather a "fuzzy" science:
Can we then reject all these nutritional data?
Let's say that Food Nutrients is a rule of thumb about what you should eat, and that too much importance should not be given to small details.
Use this website to select foods according to your needs and your tastes, then double check the nutritional data with other websites, with friends or with a physician.

And most of all, Bon Appétit!

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What is the unit used for Niacin?

For Niacin, we use the unit "NE", which stands for "Niacin Equivalents". For instance, 1 mg of niacin = 60 mg of tryptophan.

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