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The Food Nutrients Calculator computes your Nutritional Needs and shows you the Nutritional Value of hundreds of Foods:
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Compute your own Nutritional Profile

» Nutritional Profile

Nutritional needs depend on many parameters: gender, level of physical activity, age, weight and height.
With these data, food nutrients calculator estimates your recommended daily nutrients intakes.

Attention Important note : this is only an estimation! Please do not respect blindly the figures on this site, but rather consider them as a good rule of thumb.

Normal and Advanced Food Search

» Normal Food Search, Advanced Food Search

There are about 900 foods listed in Food Nutrients Calculator . com, splitted in two dozens of Foods Groups.

Here is how to find Foods:
Advanced Search features of the Food Nutrients Calculator let you find food according to the following criteria:

About Nutrients

» Nutrients

Food's value in nutrients are usually given for 100g of food. It doesn't make a lot of sense if you want to decide what to eat: one doesn't eat the same way 100g of bread, 100g of cinnamon or 100g of butter!

In the Food Nutrients Calculator, each food's value in nutrients is computed according to an appropriate food portion. You still have the value for 100g

Compose your Meals

» Meal Composition

Compose your meal:
  1. select a food
  2. click on the "Meal" icon Meal of this food

When a food is part of a meal, you can:
There is another icon Comparator dedicated to Food Comparison.

Food Comparator

» Food Comparator

Compare Food:
  1. select a Food to compare
  2. click on the corresponding icon Comparator

Selected Food will be included in the list, and then you will be able to:
Be careful not to confuse the Food Comparator with the Meal Calculator icon Meal.

Most popular pages

Following are the most popular nutrients and food groups on this site: