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Advanced Food Search from Nutrients Values and Food Kinds

Advances Search features of the Food Nutrients Calculator let you find food according to the following criteria:
  • the minimum or maximum value in distinct nutrients, computed in percentage of your nutritional needs
  • the kind of food
  • NEW: Foods for Vegetarians or Vegans
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Macro nutrientsValueVitaminsValueDietary mineralsValue
Food Energy Vitamin A Calcium
Proteins » Retinol Copper
Carbohydrate » beta-Carotene Iron
Lipid Thiamine Magnesium
» Saturated fat Riboflavin Manganese
» Monounsaturated fat Niacin Phosphorus
» Polyunsaturated fat Pantothenic acid Potassium
»» Omega 3 Vitamin B6 Selenium
»» Omega 6 Folic acid Sodium
» Cholesterol Vitamin B12 Salt
Dietary fiber Vitamin C Zinc
Water Vitamin D  
  Vitamin E  
  Vitamin K  

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More about it

In the Food Nutrient Calculator, the values in nutrients of food is computed for standard food serving (15 ml mustard, 50 g bread, 250 ml milk, ...), which gives a fairer idea than for 100g
Nutritional Needs are estimated from your Personal Nutritional Profile. You must fill it in order to have correct data.